Welcome to Zjarhead’s Antiquities


…your A to Z location for yesterday’s treasures!  I hope you find your visit to be not only a trip down memory lane but an invitation for you to return many times to see what new picks I have available.

My fascination with collecting first started when my sister and I would go to the north forty pasture to collect fossils and then on to arrowheads. When I was ten, I witnessed a meteor explode in midair with my father and it was no big deal to him, but I was amazed and still have the picture of that day in my mind. After that, I began looking for meteorite fragments, along with whatever else was interesting in the dirt.

As a teenager, I became interested in other things…girls. Then I enlisted in the Marines in 1974 and my contracting business came after that, along with my three daughters. I then resumed my collecting interests and this time it included everything!

After suffering a debilitating injury in 2005, I saw all I had been compiling over the years as a way to move forward and began developing an eBay relationship in 2006. That has been enjoyable and I sold over 1000 items with positive feedback, but it is now time to branch out on my own and move forward with my own website and social media. I also felt somewhat restricted by the management from other auction sites and am looking forward to being as independent as possible.

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